Health Awareness

Corporate Health Care

The Corporate programs at Diet Solutions aim at providing preventive and curative solutions to various
executives related health problems.
The corporate mantra of “work life balance” needs to be modified to “work, health and life balance” as
increasing competition and stiff work schedules have resulted in severe health problems even in your
executives. It is getting critical day by day that employee health becomes an integral part of any
employer’s responsibility as healthy employees not only have better productivity but also helps in reducing
absenteeism and reduced medical claims. Besides, employee health issues, if not monitored at the right
time, have intangible impacts which effect seriously in the long run. Employee healthcare programs create
a more positive, productive and enjoyable work atmosphere resulting in higher productivity.
Diet Solutions provide a range of short term and annual healthcare programs which can be custom designed to your organisation’s needs. Corporate Programs at Diet Solutions helps increase awareness about various lifestyle and health issues and promote employees and employers to take necessary steps which shall benefit them both personally and professionally.

Fun with Nutrition @ Work Program
This is an interactive 60-90 minutes program which involve a brief talk by the Nutritionist followed by couple of activities with an aim to educate the employees about day to day nutrition. Organised quarterly, this program can make your employees sing and dance to the tunes of Nutrition. And a lot more.

Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Program
Conducted at quarterly interval, this program entails a talk on various lifestyle diseases, which are increasingly becoming prevalent in young executives. Every quarter there is a discussion on one problem and for the rest of that quarter; Diet Solutions provides continuous feed on various aspects related to that problem.
Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program
An annual program, this program focus on complete healthcare of your employees. This program is a round the year program, customized to the requirement of your organization, to include the aspects of Fun with Nutrition @ Work Program and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Program couple with additional activities like:
Employee health check up involving medical tests

Personal health and nutrition analysis of participants

Health Camps

Talks from specialist doctors

Canteen management

Exercising and Medication camps

Counseling with family members to ensure easy adoption

Health Promotion and wellness program benefits

Wellness Program
What is a wellness program? Wellness program information and resources are becoming common, but who do you trust? Around the country companies everywhere are implementing a wellness program in the hopes of improving employee health. There are several advantages to offering a corporate wellness program.

Wellness Programs
What Are Wellness Programs? Wellness Programs are excellent for waistlines and your organization’s bottom line. In today’s hectic world, most of us are spending more time at work, and have increasingly less time to look after our health. For a long time, businesses have understood the benefits associated with keeping workers well – increased productivity from reduced absenteeism and reduced disability claims.

The Benefits of Health Promotion in the Workplace
Health promotion in the workplace benefits not only the company, but the employee as well. Additionally, there is a distinct trickle-down effect as the benefits are transferred from employee to family members. Health promotion in the workplace creates conditions that support and teach the best possible health for the employee. This gives employees a sense of ownership and they learn to work together to form a coordinated action to improve well being. …

The Benefits of a Tobacco Free Workplace
Tobacco related illnesses and deaths account for much of the medical expenses of the United States. The sad thing is that these illnesses and deaths can be prevented, and in effect, smokers are choosing their fate. As an employer, there may be things you can do to make people aware of the benefits of a tobacco free workplace, and one of those things begins with you….

Companies Make Great Gains with Employee Wellness Programs
Companies can benefit greatly from adopting and maintaining employee wellness programs. Employee wellness programs can include things like health risk assessments, onsite health screening, health coaching, alcohol and drug counseling, mental health assistance, safety in the workplace, preventing violence in the workplace and diversity education. The tangible benefits of employee wellness program which directly result in economic savings can best be seen in these four areas:…

Benefits of Corporate Wellness
Most people spend more hours at work than anywhere else in addition to the time they spend commuting each day. In fact, the typical American works approximately 47 hours a week which is at least 164 hours more than the average 20 years ago. Given these statistics, it is easy to see why maintaining a healthy work / life balance is becoming increasingly important. Corporate wellness programs are important tools to establish this balance. Programs that emphasize the benefits of corporate wellness can be implemented in a variety of ways. However, they all share a common goal – to promote the well-being of their employees, employers and organization in general. Many companies are starting to realize the tremendous benefits of corporate wellness

Lifestyle Disease Prevention

SIMS  has programs which are aimed at taking preventive and/or corrective action against
various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cholesterol imbalance,Thyroid imbalance, digestive complaints etc,with a key focus on reducing dependence on medicines.
Lifestyle diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in India. While Indian demographics can
boast of one of the youngest population in the world, the fact is also the Young India is Getting
Unfit. The average age of people suffering from lifestyle diseases is coming down. As per research
estimates, India has more than 50 million diabetics and almost double the number of pre-diabetics i.e.
people who have symptoms of diabetes which if not managed properly at early stage can lead to
uncontrolled diabetes. Similarly problems like cholesterol imbalance, PCOD, Thyroid etc are increasing
and impacting people at a young age. This can be attributed to the genetics, increasing stress levels, faulty food habits, increasing instances of eating out etc.
Diet Solutions understands the medical history of the client and consults with specialist doctors, if required, while advising a diet. The Diet is customized for each client keeping in mind the disease history, food habits/ preferences, lifestyle etc and is monitored at regular interval to ensure that changes in diet patterns are well absorbed by the body and gets easily assimilated with the day to day lifestyle.
Weight Management with Lifestyle Disease
Obesity is the cause of various lifestyle diseases and it is critical that people with lifestyle diseases
should quickly shed the extra flab through customized solutions which address both the problems
simultaneously and effectively.
Overweight people with lifestyle diseases need to be cautious as it can further aggravate the problem.
It is also critical that weight loss for people with lifestyle disease is customized to ensure that it helps in controlling the lifestyle disease as well as the weight. Weight loss is akin to a magical cure for overweight people with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension etc. It has been seen that losing weight improves lipid profile, reduces sugar levels in diabetics and control blood pressure in hypertensive clients. Diet Solutions understands the medical history of the client and consults with specialist doctors, if required, while advising a diet plan.
Diabetes Management
Research says that 80% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented through diet and exercise
Diet Solutions, after understanding the medical history of the client and the prevailing lifestyle, suggests measures which help in controlling the blood sugar levels. The Dieticians at Diet Solutions provide a customized Diet Plan, which coupled with regular exercising and some modification in lifestyle reduce your dependence on medicines. Diet Solutions have helped clients with long history of diabetes to stop their insulin intake and even reduce the other medicines, parallely also helping in weight loss.
Cholesterol Management
While improper food habits is one of the biggest cause of improper cholesterol levels it is also the most effective and natural cure for this problem .
The increasingly busy lifestyle coupled with faulty food habits have resulted in worsening Lipid profile of more and more people even at a young age. Cholesterol Management program at Diet Solutions focus on maneuvering your existing food habits in a way that without much additional efforts and without feeling being deprived of your favourite food, the cholesterol levels are brought under check. There are definitely some checks, but still there is so much on the plate that you never feel deprived.
Thyroid Management

Uncontrolled Thyroid leads to weight gain which further aggravates thyroid imbalance. Modification in eating patterns and daily lifestyle can break this vicious circle.