Holistic Wellness

Spirituality SIMS Wellness 3in the Workplace


Statement of core values

  • We strive to be a faith-friendly company and
    We strive to honor God in all of our relationships.


Spirituality involves: forgiveness, compassion, connectedness, hopefulness, meaning and purpose in life. Spiritual Expression at Work Spirituality is the daily integration and application of deeply help values When making work related decisions, I am often guided by my sense of spirituality. My interactions with others at work are often influenced by my spirituality. When I am at work, I don’t mind talking about my spirituality with others. My attitudes and behaviors at work are influenced by my spirituality.

Proposed Benefits

• Creativity
• Innovation
• Teamwork
• Individual resilience
• Loyalty
• Communication
• Ethical behavior
• Self-reliance, renewal
• Organizational commitment
• Personal growth
• Expression of talent
• Motivation, energy
• Interpersonal relationships
• Conflict resolution
• Collective harmony

Spiritual Well-Being was related to:

• Greater commitment to the organization
• Increased individual self-efficacy
• Greater willingness to cooperate, grow, learn and adapt to challenges

ProBe (SIMSWELL) – Wellness at work program


The ProBe (SIMSWELL) at SIMS GLOBAL HEALTH aim at providing preventive and curative solutions to employees and business partners of companies related to health.

The corporate mantra of “Work life balance” needs to be modified to “Work, Health and life balance” as increasing pear pressure, competition and stiff work schedules have resulted in severe health problems even in your working life. It is getting critical day by day that employee health becomes an integral part of any employer’s responsibility as healthy employees not only have better productivity but also helps in reducing absenteeism and reduced medical insurance claims.

Besides, employee health issues, if not monitored at the right time, have intangible impacts which effect seriously in the long run. SIMSWELL @ Workplace create a more positive, productive and enjoyable work atmosphere resulting in higher productivity.

SIMS GLOBAL HEALTH  provides a range of short term and annual health awareness programs which can be custom designed to your organization’s needs. SIMSWELL @ Workplace by GLOBAL HEALTH -SIMS helps increase awareness about various lifestyle and health issues and promote employees and employers to take necessary steps which shall benefit them both personally and professionally.

SIMSWELL is a conceptual combo of various pathies prevalent in health care, to take advantage of various system of this segment, SIMS has made a combo them.

Performance Nutrition with ProBe (SIMSWELL)
This is an interactive 60-90 minutes program which involve a brief talk by the performance nutritionist followed by couple of activities with an aim to educate the employees about day to day nutrition. Organized quarterly, this program can make your employees sing in tunes of Nutrition.

Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Program (LSD)
After a brief risk assessment amongst employees. This programme conducted at quarterly interval, this program entails a talk on various lifestyle diseases, which are increasingly becoming prevalent in young executives. Twice in a year there is a discussion on one topic and for the rest of that months global health (SIMS GLOBAL HEALTH) provides continuous feed on various aspects related to that issues.

Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program An annual program, this program focus on complete healthcare of your employees. This program is a round the year program, customized to the requirement of your organization, to include the aspects of the ProBe (SIMSWELL) and Lifestyle Diseases (LSD) Prevention Program coupled with additional activities like: Employee health check up involving medical test, Counseling, etc.

Health Fairs

Personal health and nutrition analysis of participants (Health Checkups)
Talks from SME (Subject matter expert)
Canteen/Kitchen hygiene management
Fitness – Exercising workshop/Camp
Counseling with employees dependent -family members to ensure easy adoption